Our restaurant is excellent in every way, from the
friendly service to the delicious food!

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Th unique form of cuisine that not only has the right ingredients, in the right proportions, it also has the finesse of exemplinary services to go with it.

twisting the fact a bit ... Spice is the variety of the life. What is food if it does not tingle your taste buds enough to tempt you to eat like no one's watching you.
One drink and that's it. I have to drive! Come on. we've heard this before. But our bartender has other ideas, ready to drench you. in spices of alcohol, concoctions created specially infuse a temptation so you end is looking over your shoulder for designated driver or perhaps a ca.
Okay, so you've had your appetizers, drink and main course ...
No room for dessert? Think again.
One look at the dessert plate and it will need serious will power to resist.
After all, it's just this once, you might argue ...
and we say ... sure.
So why not indulge in a sweet sensation ---
A great way to bring the evening to a close ...
or a beginning, perhaps?

Bon Appetite!

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Sanjay Patel Executive Chef Sanjay Patel has a degree from the Culinary Institute in Birmingham, U.K., and is certified in food and hygiene. He was named 1996 Chef of the Year by Quality Cuisine, U.K.